My daughter currently goes to Eckington Under Fives Preschool and my son has also attended and is now at Eckington First School. The level of care at Eckington Under Fives and attention to detail is outstanding, with plenty for the children to do. When I drop the children off there are lots of activities laid out ready to go and the reception from the staff is brilliant and very welcoming.

My son is a little shy and they immediately recognised this and made sure he felt comfortable and really nurtured him out of his shell. The Forest School is also a bonus and both my son and daughter absolutely loved it, cooking on an open fire, using tools, making crafts and dens in the purpose made wooded area. When the time came for my son to start at Eckington First School the transition was made very smooth with the Under Fives Preschool working hand-in-hand with the School.

The Under Fives preschool is just around the corner from the Primary School so dropping off and picking up is a breeze. Well worth a look if you are in the Eckington area and looking for a preschool or indeed a toddler group which they also offer.

Paul Haidon,