Both my children went to this pre-school and forest school and loved it. Particularly my youngest thrived there. She is young in her school year and can be quite reserved and shy. But she made absolutely huge strides in her pre-school year and has settled into school beautifully. The staff have been so nurturing and warm, giving her space when she needed it or fully engaging with her when she was up for it.

My oldest went through this pre-school too and other nurseries. Her experience was maybe not quite as good, but she's 5 years older and staff and leadership were different then. The staff that are there now (and have been for 3 y+) are absolutely fantastic, can't fault them. They work so hard and make every day full of new and exciting experiences for the kids without ever imposing or over-challenging them. The kids can play to their hearts' content and are supported to learn through their play. They spend time outdoors every day and go to weekly forest school sessions on site which are fully outdoors in all but the most adverse of weathers. Digging in the mud, swinging from tree swings, searching for bugs, roasting marshmallows or crumpets on an open fire (all safely supervised). Can't recommend it highly enough!

Ana Brady,